Golf Surprize is at Horizons

We are pleased to have Golf Surprize as an added bonus for all our Horizons golfers – both members and visitors; when playing in a competition or socially! See below for more info.

What are Target Scores?

A target score is a score that you need to equal or beat in a competition to win credit between $20 & $500.

  • The Target Score you receive is not based on handicap and all target scores at Horizons are between 34 – 39 Stableford Points.
  • You’ve already entered the competition to beat other players, so now win another way with a Target Score.

The Target Score you get allocated, is the next Target Score on the list to be revealed!

Target scores - Purchase or Activate

How Target Scores work?

STEP 1: Purchase a Target Score on the website via the button below. This step credits your mobile number in the system. If you purchase 10 it’s cheaper than purchasing 1 at a time and your mobile number will have 10 credits to use in 10 competitions at your leisure.

STEP 2: Go to the same website before your tee time and enter your mobile number, name, club, and date to REVEAL your Target Score and Prize amount you could win. You will be top of the list! Any problems please contact us!

How do you claim your win?

If you equal or beat your target score, simply mark yourself as a winner on the website (via the button below). Once verified by Golf Surprize, the Horizons Pro Shop will issue you a credit voucher for you to enjoy!

Target scores - Purchase or Activate

Social Surprize – How it works!

Play a social round at Horizons and add Golf Surprize for only $5 for a 1 in 8 chance to win up to $500 for your scores & experiences on the course.

BEFORE YOU PLAY: Buy a social green fee with Golf Surprize either online (by selecting the Golf Surprise green fee) or through our Pro Shop directly. When you come to play, our Pro Shop will enter your mobile into the system and you’ll receive an SMS.

AFTER YOUR ROUND: Click the link in the SMS and answer 6 questions about your experience on the course. If your answers match previous players, you will WIN up to $500 Pro Shop credit!

Have fun. You can’t always play well; but you can always win up to $500 for playing at Horizons with Golf Surprize!

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Need more information?

If you want to talk through Golf Surprize in more detail, or have a question about target scores, you can talk to our Pro Shop team or contact the Golf Surprize team!

Michael Hurley
Golf Surprize Manager