FootGolf Australian Open Series 2019

Australia is part of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) World Tour Series. As part of this, there are 14 stages which are being held at FootGolf courses around Australia. Horizons Golf Resort is proud to be hosting 4 of these stages which will see the best players in the country compete. 

These events are open to all players – a great chance to take part and get a feel for the competitive side of the sport! 

What is this Australian Open series?

  • The Australian FIFG FootGolf World Tour Series (and other country events) will be played entirely under the rules of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).
  • Each tournament will follow the official rules of the sport, although local rules will apply. All local rules must be available for players before the initiation of the tournament.
  • Each Stage (or competition) in the series has been given a category eg. FIFG50. These categories assist with allocating players points which go towards their World Ranking. For example if you place 1st in a FIFG250 event, you are awarded 250 points. See table later on!
  • As mentioned before, only players who are registered as FootGolf Australia and World Ranking members are eligible to receive points. All other players will play as guests. So if you are keen to get into FootGolf – register as a FootGolf Australia member today;  but remember you can also simply join the comp to be part of the action!

Interested in participating in the Australian Open Series 

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to participate in any of the events at Horizons or other courses. We encourage groups to join the event, learn a bit more about the sport.

Remember if you are keen on playing in the Asia Cup, then you must register as a FootGolf Australia and World Ranking members. Contact Leonardo Fernandez on 0425 806 917

We invite local sports teams, soccer teams to enter players!

2019 Australian Open FootGolf Series dates


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