Competitive FootGolf

FootGolf can be played internationally at the highest level with plenty of international and local competitions to get into!  

FootGolf can be played at the highest international level. Most competitions have prize pool money on offer, and with the development of the sport in Australia, it’s a great time to get into it… who knows, you could be wearing those green and gold colours! 

FootGolf originated in the Netherlands in 2009 and it rapidly expanded across Europe and the Americas. In recent years (2013) the sport started expanding in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. Australia has been a Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) member country since 2013. World wide there are 35 member countries of which Australia is one.

International FootGolf competitions

There are three main categories of international competitions:

  • World Cup (every 2 years on even years): the upcoming WC will take place in December 2018 in Morocco. Australia will participate with a delegation of 14 players. A total of 450 to 500 players will participate in the event!
  • World Tour: There are 500+ competitions happening around the world each year. This is similar to the ATP in Tennis and the PGA Tour in Golf. The Australian Open FootGolf Series is part of this World Tour. In order to participate in the tour, each member organisation has to register their tournaments, manage player registration for World Ranking. All of this is done for Australian players by FootGolf Australia!
  • Continental competitions: European Cup, Asia Cup (being held at Horizons in November 2019!)

Across all events that form part of the World Cup, World Tour or Continental Competitions, affiliated players will receive points. Those points are summed at the end of the year to provide an overall World Ranking. As a result, all these competitions have a big impact on the overall rankings of our players.

Asia Cup 2019 – host course Horizons Golf Resort

The Asia Cup is in its third year having been hosted by China in 2016 and 2018. Starting from 2019, the Asia Cup will be held every 2 years on the odd years so that there is no cross over with the World Cup.

Together with FootGolf Australia, we are pleased to have won the bid to host the Asia Cup in November 2019!

Players who are registered as FootGolf Australia and World Ranking members will be eligible to qualify and represent Australia in the:

World Tour – Australian Open FootGolf Series 2019

There are 14 stages of the Australian Open FootGolf Series which you can participate in to gain points. If you are a registered member of FootGolf Australia and a World Ranking member, then you have the chance to qualify for the Asia Cup being held at Horizons Golf Resort in Port Stephens!

  • The Australian FIFG FootGolf World Tour Series (and other country events) will be played entirely under the rules of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).
  • Each tournament will follow the official rules of the sport, although local rules will apply.
  • Each Stage (or competition) in the series has been given a category eg. FIFG50. These categories assist with allocating players points which go towards their World Ranking. For example if you place 1st in a FIFG250 event, you are awarded 250 points.
  • Only players who are registered as FootGolf Australia and World Ranking members are eligible to receive points. All other players will play as guests. So if you are keen to get into FootGolf – register as a FootGolf Australia member today;  but remember you can also simply join the comps to be part of the action!

If you are interested in taking FootGolf to the next level, talk to Leonardo Fernandez on 0425 806 917. This is a unique opportunity for keen FootGolf players or those with soccer experience to get into the sport and play competitively!

FIFG World Ranking – Players

Each year, the World Ranking points for each player will be calculated as the sum of:

  • The best 4 scores in Major events
  • The best 3 scores in FIFG 500s events
  • The best 3 scores in FIFG 250s events
  • The best 5 scores in FIFG 100s events
  • The best 5 scores in FIFG 50s events
  • The score obtained at the FIFG World Cup 2020 (Up to 1000 Points) ​

FIFG World Ranking – Country

There are 35 member countries which all receive a ranking based on their player points. To see the current country ranking please visit FIFG Country Rankings.

Want to know a bit more about FootGolf and how to play?

We have a short overview where you can download our information sheet and take a look at the course map to see how it looks like on the golf course.

Read the overview here

Interested in the sport?

We’d love to hear from you – be it social play, getting competitive, sponsorship, donations to Team Australia or just general interest.

  • Email:
  • 0425 806 97 – Leonardo Fernandez
  • 0414 210 249 – Shiana Tyler

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