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Horizons FootGolf was launched in December 2017 and has grown in popularity throughout the Port Stephens region! It has been great seeing schools, local football clubs, families and businesses embrace this fun sport. 

We have been receiving a lot of questions about FootGolf and in particular the competitive side of the sport having just hosted Stage 11 of the World Tour Australian Open Series! The sport can be played at the highest international level. Most competitions have prize pool money on offer, and with the development of the sport in Australia, it’s a great time to get into it… who knows, you could be wearing those green and gold colours! 

FootGolf originated in the Netherlands in 2009 and it rapidly expanded across Europe and the Americas. In recent years (2013) the sport started expanding in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. Australia has been a Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) member country since 2013. World wide there are 35 member countries of which Australia is one.

As for FootGolf Australia accredited courses – there are 28 accredited FootGolf courses around Australia, and Horizons is proud to be part of this growing list!

International FootGolf competitions

There are three main categories of international competitions:

  • World Cup (every 2 years on even years): the upcoming WC will take place in December 2018 in Morocco. Australia will participate with a delegation of 14 players. A total of 450 to 500 players will participate in the event!
  • World Tour: There are 500+ competitions happening around the world each year. This is similar to the ATP in Tennis and the PGA Tour in Golf. There are 6 Major competitions (like the Grand Slam in Tennis with the most recent one being held in Japan and 2 of our players Josh Ackland and Deryn Knott competed). Stage 11 which we hosted here at Horizons, was part of the World Tour competitions. In order to participate in the tour, each member organisation has to register their tournaments, manage player registration for World Ranking. All of this is done for Australian players by FootGolf Australia!
  • Continental competitions: European Cup, Asia Cup

Across all events that form part of the World Cup, World Tour or Continental Competitions, affiliated players will receive points! Those points are summed at the end of the year to provide an overall World Ranking. As a result, all these competitions have a big impact on the overall rankings of our players!

Read the Results of Stage 11 World Tour – which was held at Horizons on Oct 7!

FIFG World Ranking – Players

Each year, the World Ranking points for each player will be calculated as the sum of:

  • The best 4 scores in Major events
  • The best 3 scores in FIFG 500s events
  • The best 3 scores in FIFG 250s events
  • The best 5 scores in FIFG 100s events
  • The best 5 scores in FIFG 50s events
  • The score obtained at the FIFG World Cup 2018 (Up to 1000 Points) ​

You can see how our Australian World Tour players are ranking by selecting Mens on this FIFG Rankings page.

Currently, Josh Ackland is ranked #1 in Australia, and is also in the Top 100 World Players! Our top 4 Australian players based on the World Tour rankings as at October 2018 are:

  • Josh Ackland
  • Joe Scibilia
  • Chris Ward
  • Brad Holst

Watch these guys, and all our World Tour players as they continue to compete to boost their rankings and the ranking for Australia overall.

FIFG World Ranking – Country

There are 35 member countries which all receive a ranking based on their player points. To see the current country ranking please visit FIFG Country Rankings.

Australia is currently ranked 13th out of 35 countries!

Want to know a bit more about FootGolf and how to play?

We have a short overview where you can download our information sheet and take a look at the course map to see how it looks like on the golf course.

Read the overview here

Interested in the sport?

We’d love to hear from you – be it social play, getting competitive, sponsorship, donations to Team Australia or just general interest.

  • Email:
  • 0425 806 97 – Leonardo Fernandez
  • 0414 210 249 – Shiana Tyler

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