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Play FootGolf

FootGolf is really taking off at Horizons! It’s a combination of soccer and golf! Fun, easy and quick to play! Play FootGolf at Horizons 7 days a week after 330pm.  You don’t need any previous FootGolf, soccer/football or golf skills to play this sport. If you can kick a ball, then you’ve got to try it out. Plenty of families,

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FootGolf open 7 days a week

Horizons FootGolf launched on Sat 16 Dec in spectacular fashion with the Final of the 2017 FootGolf World Tour Australian series and then everyone played FootGolf for free! Results are below! FootGolf at Horizons is now open 7 days a week from 3:30pm. Bring the family along, challenge your mates or work mates to a game or bring your soccer team

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